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After school and summer programs give students experiences that can help prepare them for life after high school. Our site coordinators, executive directors and volunteers work together to find and create programs that combine education with fun, hands-on experiences. These programs are particularly valuable to students whose families don’t have access to resources, as after school time and summer breaks are often when students are most distracted and adversely affected by home life. Our programs include field trips, community services programs, athletic leagues, youth conferences, guest speakers and more.

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Blog Posts

Where There is Love, There is Communities In Schools

Feb. 22, 2021


Across the country, many communities are experiencing stress as the COVID-19 pandemic and winter snowstorms keep schools virtual, hybrid, or socially distanced. This February, Communities In Schools (CISTM) affiliates are boosting the social emotional well-being of our teachers, students, and families by showing them appreciation and kindness. Whether it is through a kindness campaign, Valentine’s Day gifts, food pantries or providing a safe space to share feelings, we are committed to supporting our students beyond the classroom.

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Black History Month: Supporting Students Impacted by Incarceration

By Julia Flynn Feb. 16, 2021


Many African American children face barriers when aspiring to receive an education that will improve their opportunities and life outcomes. One of the main challenges they face is the carceral system: incarceration has disproportionately harmed Black students, families, and communities over time.

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Annual Report 2013

With strong policy partners, more accredited affiliates and site coordinators, plus a greater national reach, 2013 brought CIS tremendous growth and measurable success. Read More.

Annual Report 2015

Communities In Schools saw significant progress in 2015, with a focus on improving quality of service and increasing growth across the network. Read More.