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Press Room

All Press Releases & News Stories

Reville: 9 Places Where Communities & Families Are Working Together in a New Social Compact for Student Success

July 6, 2018 News

For too long, our answer to the problems of poverty, inequality, diminishing social mobility, and unfair access to learning opportunities has been “the schools will fix it.” However, U.S. public schools, even after a quarter-century of well-intentioned, vigorous, and expensive school reform, have been unable to fix these problems or close the achievement gaps that are symptoms of them.

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New Linkages: A Closer Look at a K-12 Collaboration Between Two Top Funders

June 7, 2018 News

The Together for Students initiative recently announced the 10 communities that will receive about $150,000 each to work on supporting local students and families. The initiative—which Inside Philanthropy first reported when it was called the “Students at the Center Challenge”—is a $1.5 million collaboration between the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and the Ford Foundation.

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Nonprofit Uses of Data: Communities in Schools Plays It Right

June 7, 2018 News

A recently announced four-year, $17 million grant from the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation (EMCF) to the national nonprofit Communities in Schools (CIS) to help fund its new strategic business plan clearly demonstrates the returns of heavily investing in data collection, promoting a culture of learning, and balancing the inherent tension between a national brand and local flexibility.

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10 Communities Across the Country Awarded Up To $1.5 Million in Funding to Expand Student-Centered Learning Initiatives

May 23, 2018 Press

The Together for Students initiative, created by three national, education-focused nonprofit organizations — the Coalition for Community Schools, Communities In Schools, and StriveTogether — today recognized 10 communities for plans bringing key community members together to support the needs of local students. Each of the 10 selected communities will receive approximately $150,000 to support the activities and goals set forth in their collaborative plans.

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New Gallup Poll Reveals Only 1 in 4 U.S. Adults Believe Students Are Prepared for College and Career

April 25, 2018 Press

A new survey by Gallup released today reveals that only 1 in 4 U.S. adults (25 percent) believe most high school students are prepared for success in college. Roughly the same percentage of respondents (22 percent) believe high school graduates are prepared for success in the workplace. The poll, conducted on behalf of Communities In Schools, was released today at the organization’s inaugural Milliken Dialogues and Policy Summit at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. The focus of the summit is Supporting All Students for College, Career, and Civic Engagement.

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Commentary: At SXSW EDU, we’re focused on helping every child succeed

March 7, 2018 News

This week at SXSW EDU, education leaders from across the country will hear about an innovative approach rooted in a sense of collective responsibility toward all children. Out is the model of simply focusing on schools; in is a more holistic approach like ours that puts students at the center of a range of efforts that extend well beyond the classroom.

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OPINION: Many students who need mentors still don’t have them

March 5, 2018 News

If it weren’t for Amanda Gallardo, Steffan Barahona’s road to becoming the first in his family to attend college in the United States might have been much bumpier. As it was, during his senior year of high school in Arlington, Virginia, Barahona felt completely overwhelmed by the application process. Gallardo — a Communities in Schools site coordinator and a first-generation college student herself — had faced similar challenges. She’d been there. “I didn’t have anybody guide me through that process of getting through high school and going to college,” she says. “I wanted to be that for somebody.” Gallardo took on a role that every young person needs in their lives: a caring mentor. She offered both practical and moral support, and as his senior year progressed, Barahona started coming into Gallardo’s office for more than academic advice. They would talk when his home life was stressful, his classwork was too much, or he had challenges with friends at school.

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Charlotte: Integrated student support makes a difference

Jan. 23, 2018 News

North Carolina's Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District faces many of the same challenges as another urban districts. More than half if its students are considered economically disadvantaged, many of its neighborhoods have experienced a dramatic rise in concentrated poverty, and the region has seen a large influx of immigrant children.

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