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Press Room

All Press Releases & News Stories

Communities In Schools Welcomes Two New Fellows

Oct. 2, 2019 News

Communities In Schools announces two new Bill & Jean Milliken Alumni fellows, for the 2019-2020 school year, Rosaura “Rosie” Martinez and Tres’Rionna Whitlock. This annual fellowship seeks to advance CIS' collective work and give voice to the next generation of CIS leaders and thinkers, while honoring Bill and Jean Milliken’s unique contributions to this organization.

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Communities In Schools Provides Back-to-School Saving Tips for Parents

Aug. 21, 2019 Press

Communities In Schools, a national nonprofit supporting at-risk students in K-12 schools, today released a list of money-saving tips for parents concerned about the rising cost of sending their children back to school. The tip list was created in connection with the Backpack Index which shows a significant increase in back-to-school costs for families with children attending elementary, middle and high school. The Index, a measure of household spending on school supplies and fees, is an annual collaboration of Huntington Bank and Communities In Schools.

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WV ready to expand in-school social aid

Aug. 2, 2019 News

Schools in a handful of West Virginia counties are preparing for the welcome addition of new, state-funded and school-based support staff to connect students with outside resources. That comes with the expansion of the Communities In Schools (CIS) program from three to 11 counties for the coming 2019-20 school year.

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Huntington’s 13th Annual Backpack Index Spotlights the Role of Technology in Rising Back-to-School Costs

July 18, 2019 Press

The 13th annual Huntington (Nasdaq: HBAN; www.huntington.com) Backpack Index, a barometer for household spending on school supplies and related fees, reports a significant increase in costs for American families with children attending elementary, middle and high school. Developed in collaboration with Communities In Schools, a national nonprofit supporting at-risk students in K-12 public schools, the 2019 Huntington Backpack Index features an updated methodology reflecting the increased reliance on connected devices for completing school work.

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Carmen Ortiz-McGhee of NAIC Joins CIS National Board of Directors 

May 3, 2019 News

Communities In Schools, the largest national organization dedicated to empowering at-risk students to stay in school and on a path to a brighter future, welcomed Carmen Ortiz-McGhee to its National Board of Directors today.  Ms. Ortiz-McGhee is Executive Vice President of the National Association of Investment Companies (NAIC).

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New Gallup Poll Reveals More Than Half of Americans Believe Teachers Are Not Being Adequately Prepared to Handle Classroom Discipline

May 1, 2019 Press

A new Gallup survey, commissioned by Communities In Schools, reveals that more than half of adults surveyed said teachers are not being prepared to effectively handle discipline issues in the classroom. Almost 30 percent of respondents said they were concerned that unsafe school or classroom environments would result from poorly handled discipline issues and 20 percent cited the disruption of learning as their top concern.

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Shaw & Erquiaga: Charlotte Is Investing in Social Capital to Help Students Move Up the Economic Ladder. Other Cities Should Follow Suit

March 26, 2019 News

On a recent evening in Charlotte, North Carolina, 10 high school students from low-income backgrounds met with top executives of the Albemarle Corp., a global specialty chemicals company. The teens were there to meet role models, learn about building a successful career and give the execs advice about how Albemarle could improve its business.

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