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Answering Her Life's Calling

CIS of Greater Central Texas
Family Engagement

All In For Students Award Recipient 2016: The award is presented to site coordinators who demonstrate an unwavering commitment to students. With acts of love and transformation, these Heroes are the best at what they do.

Twenty-three years. That’s how long Deborah McKelvy has been a site coordinator for CIS of Greater Central Texas. For the past seven, she has worked at Audie Murphy Middle School, located inside Fort Hood, the largest U.S. military installation in the world, where 99 percent of the student population have family in the military.

Debbie understands all too well the stress and uncertainty that comes with having a family member deployed – her husband was an active duty Air Force major for more than two decades. That’s why she’s focused on making sure the students and families of Audie Murphy know she’s there to support them – whether it’s to help a student who has moved seven times or to counsel a nonmilitary relative who suddenly finds himself living on Fort Hood and trying to care for a seventh grade student. To Debbie, these past twenty-three years haven’t been spent working. They’ve been spent living her life’s calling.

- January 2016

In Texas