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What We're Reading: #CapsOff Edition

By Anya Alexander May 6, 2016

This week, Communities In Schools launched its national graduation campaign, in an effort to celebrate and say #CapsOff to this year’s amazing graduates, current students and the collective efforts of everyone who helped support 1.5 million CIS students to graduation/promotion day. The graduation campaign is designed to maximize awareness and engagement during two months that is traditionally graduation season.

To learn how you can get involved in helping more kids graduate from school visit our campaign website where you can:

  • Take the Pledge to help thousand more students reach graduation day
  • Watch the #CapsOff video that celebrate the amazing accomplishments of graduates and the people who have helped them succeed.
  • Read our student stories featuring this year’s great graduates, successful students and amazing alumni who share their stories of their achievement over adversity in their lives. Check out our student, Kylee from Ottawa, KS as she shares her story on Glamour.com 
  • Download and share our #CapsOff infographic that celebrates the 1.5 million kids we help stay in school and on the path to graduation.
  • Learn about the partners who are helping us close the graduation gap.
  • Join the celebration and conversation using  #CapsOff and check out our social feeds, including videos and photos of our students from around our network.

#CapsOff to you, for joining our celebration and supporting our students!