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What We're Reading

By Anya Alexander April 22, 2016

This week we’re reading news highlights from across our network.

The Boys With A Purpose Club is back and this time with a few new items to add to their wardrobe! Communities In Schools of Charleston Area and County School District’s Memminger Elementary School announced this week that the clothier, Tom James Company, is gifting the Boys With A Purpose Club with a collection of ties.

Tom James is the world’s largest maker of custom suits, shirts and ties, founded fifty years ago in Nashville, TN, The purpose of the club is to teach young men how to dress and conduct themselves like gentlemen. Check out the full story here.

In Kansas, Dodge City High School freshman get a taste of reality through a new program. Reality U$, is a financial literacy program of Communities In Schools of Mid-America, brought to students in Kansas to help them understand how to budget and make sound financial decisions.

"Students visited a variety of booths to find housing, transportation, communication services, child care, food, utilities, insurance, etc," organizer Blanca Soto said. "They also had the opportunity to save money, give to charity and learn about unexpected things that affect daily life (like accidents or unexpected visitors)." Read more.

This week, Communities In Schools of Nevada appeared in a local news segment to demonstrate how they are getting their students active with silient zumba. Read more

Lastly, this week's staff spotlight is Jessy Burton, Director of Culture and Connections at the Communities In Schools National office. When asked what is her favorite thing about working at Communities In Schools, she said “My favorite thing about working at Communities In Schools is the people who do the work – those I’ve met in the field and those I’m honored to work with at the national office every day.”