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Building Social Emotional Competencies Through Integrated Student Supports

By Communities In Schools | May 20, 2021

This policy brief addresses the unprecedented challenges that students and families have experienced due to the COVID-19 pandemic, including experiences of social isolation, economic crisis, stress, and trauma. It suggests ways to address these challenges using the Communities In Schools® (CIS™) model of integrated student supports (ISS). This model enables us to support students and families by deepening our commitment to developing social and emotional learning (SEL) competencies and creating equitable learning environments where all students and adults can process, heal, and thrive. 

Highlights of this policy brief include: 

  • How to implement an effective SEL program within the CIS model of integrated student supports
  • SEL programs' impact on school performance
  • How to implement SEL virtually during the pandemic
  • Highlights from the field
  • Using SEL to promote equity and healing
  • Federal policy recommendations
  • State- and district-level recommendations

Download   04042021_CIS_SEL_Policy_Brief.pdf

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