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Gary Chapman

Vice President, Business Development

Gary Chapman is Vice President, Business Development for the National office. Gary oversees the provision of high quality nonprofit management and student support expertise to local and state CIS organizations to accelerate transformational impact for schools and students. He has spent 15 years with the Communities In Schools network serving as an executive director of a rural affiliate in Georgia, principal of a public charter high school, nationally overseeing field operations and quality assurance, and the expansion of Performance Learning Centers® to increase on-time graduation and college readiness for at-risk high school students. His experience includes education, nonprofit administration, mental health, domestic violence intervention, family therapy, and sexual abuse counseling.  In his free time, Gary and his partner Ronnie enjoy the outdoors, travel, and biking.  Gary has a bachelor’s degree in psychology, master’s degree in social work, and a specialist in educational leadership from Valdosta State University.